God.....BEST THING EVR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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God.....BEST THING EVR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Milo on Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:01 pm


Right now, i just hatched MY FIRST RNG abused poke!!!!!!! This thing is really usefull!!!!

Ok, so, i was testing to see if i do things right (Specially my SID since according to the Calculator, i can have 2) when, i decided to do one for the lol, and, when i hatched the egg, it was a shiny MAGIKARP! (Serious nature, as i said before it was for the lol)

If you wanna know how to RNG abuse read this guide and download the program:


You can get, Shiny Perfect IVs pokes, Shiny pokes, Shiny WILD perfect Ivs poke, ALMOST EVERTY REALTED to shiness and Ivs!!!!

Try it!

Ps: You'll need a RANDOM ENCOUNTER SHINY POKEMON or 4+ Chained shinys ;D

PSS: I bred it with my competitve Gyarados, and it came with 31 ivs in speed, if anyone would like it Dx

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Re: God.....BEST THING EVR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by superdreamgirl on Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:55 pm

LOL this is old news but congrats anyway lol


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