Coolest Gigahacks

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Coolest Gigahacks

Post by Pandeji on Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:15 pm

I was thinking through things that would just be amazing if possible, and I could only come up with a couple really good ones (barring Legendaries, as most of them are pretty crazy. Physical Attack Deoxys with Huge Power? Lol).
They would be something like:
Wonder Guard Spiritomb (classic).
No Guard Ninjask with Sheer Cold (heh. Fastest in the game with perfect Acc 1-hit-KO moves).
I could also see something like:
Serene Grace Alakazam w/ Air Slash (60% Flinch), Chatter (100% Confusion), Discharge/Thunder (60% Paralysis), Lava Plume (60% Burn), Mist Ball (100% -1 Sp.Atk), Mud Bomb/Muddy Water (60% -1 Acc), Octazooka (100% -1 Acc), Sacred Fire (100% Burn), Seed Flare (80% -1 Sp.Def), Sludge Bomb (60% Poison), Smog (80% Poison), or Tri Attack (40% Freeze/Burn/Para). I'd personally go with... Chatter, Mist Ball, Sacred Fire, and Air Slash.
Anything else that would just mean major abuse?

Edit: Anything with Technician and Aerial Ace, Ancientpower, Avalanche, Bite, Bug Bite, Chatter, Dragonbreath, Drain unch, Faint Attack, Flame Wheel, Force Palm, Giga Drain, Magical Leaf, Magnet Bomb, Needle Arm, Ominous Wind, Pluck, Revenge, Rolling Kick, Shadow Punch, Shock Wave, Silver Wind, Smellingsalt, Swift, Wake-Up Slap, Water Pulse, or Wing Attack

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